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Plumbing Services in Wakefield I Different Types of Taps

Taps are an essential element in any West Yorkshire property. Whether you are a domestic homeowner in Wakefield or a restaurant owner in Leeds, you will need taps for your bathrooms, kitchens and even outside spaces.


As construction, heating, gas and plumbing experts, Property Projects has installed countless taps over the past 30 years working in the industry. From carrying out a kitchen installation or bathroom installation, to providing plumbing services, boiler servicing and boiler installation, pipework and taps are a constant requirement.

5 Styles of Taps for Leeds, Wakefield and West Yorkshire Property Owners

Pillar Taps


Pillar taps are some of the most common taps in the UK and often requested to us by Leeds, Wakefield and other West Yorkshire customers. They are made from individual taps which have their own valves for the individual flow of water. Pillar taps are usually fixed into baths and basins which contain two tap holes, one for a hot tap and for a cold.


We are happy to supply and fit pillar taps as part of our kitchen installation, bathroom installation and other plumbing services, or alongside boiler installation and boiler servicing.

Deck Mounted


Deck mounted taps are a plumber’s best friend as they can be easily accessed and integrated during most plumbing services, kitchen installations and bathroom installations. Taps are securely fixed to the bath or sink rim by drilling holes into the surface.


Property Projects are happy to provide floor mounted taps as a one-off supply and fit or as part of our other boiler installation, boiler servicing, construction and plumbing services.

Wall Mounted


Wall mounted style taps are as the name suggests, mounted onto the wall and reach outwards towards the bathtub or sink. These styles of taps are often used in Leeds, Wakefield and other West Yorkshire properties when customers are seeking a more contemporary look.


Plumbing services should be carried out by experienced plumbers who can hide pipework effectively behind the wall of your kitchen or bathroom installation.

Floor Mounted


Floor mounted taps are an increasing trend in the kitchen installation and bathroom installation industry. They are fixed upwards from the floor and expose the pipes and plumbing. This modern design creates a contemporary, stylish look and gives clients in Leeds, Wakefield and West Yorkshire more freedom of space when positioning baths.


Property Projects are experienced in fixing floor mounted taps. We offer competitively priced fixtures and workmanship for all plumbing services we undertake, including tap installations, boiler installation, boiler servicing and complete bathroom installation.

Quality and Reliable Services

When considering installing new taps or seeking a complete kitchen installation or bathroom installation, it is important to source high-quality materials and when needed, professional and reliable help.


At Property Projects we ensure all plumbing and construction work is carried out to high standards and can supply or fit kitchen and bathroom materials of the best quality. Our trusted and  professional services also extend out to boiler servicing, boiler installation and all forms of plumbing services for Leeds, Wakefield and West Yorkshire customers.

Require new taps or a complete kitchen or bathroom installation? Call us today on 07793 650 554 for reliable plumbing services in Leeds, Wakefield and the wider West Yorkshire area.